Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thunder Thighs...on a Thunder Bird?

I was facebooking and one of my friends had this sweet picture and I had to paint it. I changed the outfit and the hairdo, but basically, it's the same... :-D I love random projects like this, I know there are a lot of problems but not bad for 2.5 hours


Cliff Mills said...

So do me a favor and just render one of your characters out completely. Your hitting on it in this painting. I think it would be cool if it bordered on a photo rendering with a few cool brush strokes to hint that its still painted.

Anonymous said...

who was the friend in the picture.... it looks familiar :) i love all your pictures by the way... love katie... ps i really do want to know because when i looked at it i thought.. that looks like a picture of brenda tafoya i saw... but i'm not sure... let me know :) (Katie Checketts)