Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Girl Reading


linda said...

She is cute!
I love your art.

Mike Grace said...

I'm not so sure about the title but the illustration is very cute. :)

MrBibleHead said...

Hi Hollie! I tried to view your latest IF entry, (looks like a troll or something from the thumbnail) but it won't allow it. This B&W illo is fabulous by the way.

Li Ferreira Nhan said...

Great job Hollie!
Picture perfect and amazing!
Your talent is fantastic!
I loved!
Nice to meet you,

Suzi said...

I really like this one is it only in black and white though?

Mike Grace said...

I still think this one is amazing. Always catches my eye when I go through your blog.

JosyArte said...

I love your work!!!!, it's wonderfull your style. i really feel conected with this one specially