Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're......off to see the wizard!

This is one of my favorite stories. I had a blast designing the characters. Critiques are welcome!


MrBibleHead said...

Hollie! This is one of the most fantabulous Wizard of Oz illustrations I have ever seen! Wow!!! Love how you weren't influenced by the movie characters. Love your guys much more. SWEEEEEET!

k.h.whitaker said...

This is wonderful Hollie. I love all the characters. I think the scarecrow is my favorite though. The only crit I could give is that my eye was instantly drawn to the strong angular lines of the lions front paw, maybe soften them up just a bit, but it's a really great piece.

Cassie said...

I love the blue trees and the little girl is way cute. I like how small she is in comparison to everyone else. I love the tine man and his goofy smile. Each character has a lot of personality.
The tin man gets a little lost value wise and the scarecrow needs a cast shadow to ground him. The lion's eyes look flat. The pink mountains are a little pastel-y and warm for my taste. Hmmmm.... I think some purple in the lion's main would look cool.... and maybe saturate the scarecrow's clothes a little to balance out that fabulously saturated mane on the lion. Yeah. I think that's all I got right now.

Andrew Finnie said...

Haha! Now that's some crit Cassie I like your style.

Hollie for me the image has great impact. For the characters you know it's hard because we have inbuilt ideas of what they should look like - courtesy of the film. For me the scarecrow works best - maybe because of this? The lion is great as far as how you have portrayed his character.

The tin man in the film is designed with that time/culture in mind - your tin man seems to be more robot like rather than a 'man'. The girl? Well she is sassy and afraid of nothing.

Love the trees by the way.