Friday, October 29, 2010

Hi Cassie! I Posted!!

I was on the phone earlier this evening with my friend Cassie Grace (see blog lists to the right). And she yelled at me for not posting more often. We were both at our computers, so I just posted what I was working on at the moment. This started out being just another grayscale exercise but my character kinda ended up looking like one of the guys in my singles ward. He's not quite this goofy looking but it made me smile to myself. I would have finished it but I'm off to a Halloween Dance Party! (woot woot) :-)

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Cassie said...

Hooray Hoooollllie! I love it when you post new stuff. I expect to see more on a regular basis young lady!! ~stern face~ Keep it coming! all 84 of us love to look at your stuff!