Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cabbage Patch Bunnies

In my neighborhood, there are a bunch of wild rabbits roaming the alleys. Every morning, we see one or two of them hopping around in the yards. We don't have a garden coming in this summer, (but the neighbors do, muah ha ha ha), so we don't mind seeing them scamper about.
Bunnies have a special place at my house. We have owned so many. Just recently, our floppy-eared Chester died at about 8 years old. He was the the sweetest rabbit. We'd set him down on the grass and walk away and call him and he'd happily hop over and follow us clicking his heels. :-)
Anyways, we love rabbits. The end.


Ann Pilicer said...

Great work in progress! Thanks for showing your start. The warmth really shines thru with this one! :D

Cassie said...

I like how the little girl seems like one of the bunnies with her sun-kissed skin and pigtails.I love the cabbages and color. This looks like it belongs in a magazine for an article!

One small crit.: Her face says love, but her eyebrows say confusion or surprise.

Seriously though! Great piece. Great color. Great mx of soft and hard edges. Just awesome!

Little Jackrabbits said...

Amazing artwork! I absolutely love it. I love bunnies too. I have two at the moment mini lop ears, Pebbles and Puddles. I also had a bunny die recently, Pixie. She was a sweet heart. People don't realise how attached you get to the little fluff balls :)

Jennifer Noel Bower said...

I adore how this turned out and love hearing the inspiration. A huge fan of your style.