Wednesday, August 31, 2011

LOOK MOM! I'm painting with REAL PAINT!

Yes yes, it has been ages since I've gotten my oils out, don't judge! My new apt that I moved into has a lot of wall space that I'm itching to fill. This is still unfinished, so I'm open to lots and lots of critiques, (more so about design, cuz I have a lot of plans for the color). (This is of the Rexburg LDS Temple btw).


Ewgene said...

Very good painting especially for so long break. I like the style and the colors of it. Keep painting - I've never seen artist who could say that real paint is nothing but nonsense.

Cassie said...

Great color scheme. The design is good too. All the lines lead to the focal point. Are you going to add some more juice thick brush strokes? I hope so! I'm glad your getting back to traditional. Its therapeutic don't you think?