Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"And you can die too for all I care!"

I was done painting for the night (practically falling out of my chair I was so tired). I checked my facebook and a friend of mine who had just had a birthday yesterday, posted this on my birthday wish to him, "Hollie, paint me something!"....I was too tired to argue, so 20 minutes later, this happened!


Jess said...

this is really cute. i love Princess Bride :)

Perrine Renoir said...

when you're really good at it, people will ask you for it. quick yet heartwarming paintin, really sweet of you to paint in a hurry.:)

KayLynn said...

This is an awesome drawing. Just yesterday a cashier fixing the card reader at the book store I was at made a reference to this movie. I laughed and quoted it a bit too. Then I looked at my husband and said that he would be laughing too if he would just watch the movie (he refuses to do so because he doesn't want to follow the mormon trend of knowing this movie by heart) Any ways, I love your art work Hollie!